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Eliminate PMI Insurance

What is PMI Insurance?

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) was introduced over 30 years age to provide Lenders with insurance against default for purchasers with

a down payment of usually less than 20 percent. PMI Insurance is collected through the Mortgage Payment to insure the Lender against

default. As a homeowner, once your equity level in your home reaches 20 percent you have the right to have the PMI Insurance eliminated.


Reduce your Mortgage Costs by eliminating PMI Insurance and Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Year. Until recently, PMI Insurance did not

 even appear on Mortgage statements and many people are unaware that they are indeed paying mortgage insurance.|

An increase in equity in your home would allow you to eliminate PMI Insurance.


How would your equity position change in your home??


Request your PMI Insurance be eliminated! Provide your Mortgage Company with an appraisal proving your equity has exceeded

the 20 Percent threshold and request they cancel your PMI Insurance Policy.

Call or E-Mail us for a free consultation. We will help you determine if you qualify to have your PMI Insurance eliminated.

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